Music opens us up to each other; we find ourselves at our most vulnerable point, at the rawest edge and open to danger. 

Connection, through creativity, is how LAND CAPTAINS explore storytelling. It is that opportunity to feel less alone; to feel that collective confidence and make sense of the world, not only for the band but for the listener. Songs come from the depths of life, embracing both ANGER WITH PURPOSE and HUMOUR WITHOUT HATRED. When we allow ourselves to be open – to have that moment of certainty knowing that this is who we are – we can have an honest conversation about our stories, challenge ourselves, and CELEBRATE OUR CONNECTION TO EACH OTHER.  

Music is EMOTION.


Music is POWER. 

LAND CAPTAINS, after their previously successful release Delta, took this ethos of open and emotive community to a new level with their follow-up EP HALF MEASURES, released in April 2022.   

“Music is where we can own our emotional freedom and fearlessly explore dark and distant corners, whether that’s with humour or in observation. Half Measures explores a raft of ideas and stories, some funny and some from dark places, we’re really excited for people to hear it!”  

Every song on the EP tells a different story, but there is a common commentary on human connection; relatable and in relation to situations that we have all gone through at some point in our lives. This is EMOTION, CONNECTION and POWER.  



“This is blood, sweat and tears. We were each going through some tough challenges - as we all were around the world during the pandemic - but ultimately we built something together, and connected through every one of these songs.” 

LAND CAPTAINS saw a fantastic response to HALF MEASURES, both from music fans and industry professionals, with debut single 'BANANA PHONE' receiving extensive international radio airplay and selected as the New Rock Show’s ‘track of the week’ by Planet Rock. The EP Launch Show at The Crofter’s Rights was a resounding success, cementing the band’s reputation as a “force of nature” on the Bristol scene, and propelling them towards their Underdog Ultimate Championship win at Thekla on 5 June. What comes next? An album, of course!

In the spirit of connection, something central to the values of LAND CAPTAINS, this band is and will always be about the primal power of live performance and sharing the stage with their audience. These songs have been written to be experienced live; words, music and raw energy combined.     

“This isn’t a them and us this is just US.”